Iran: Paranoid Or Just Plain Crazy?

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Iran: Paranoid Or Just Plain Crazy?

This has just been Skyped to me from my brother, I don't know whether to laugh cry or shit meself.

And the latest from Iran....

Following are excerpts from an Iranian documentary on Hollywood cinema, focusing on the movie "Chicken Run." The documentary aired on IRINN on May 29, 2008:

"Traces of Zionism in World Cinema"

Presenter: Movies into which huge amounts of money are poured, in an effort to turn Zionist themes into entertainment, include movies created for children and youth. Animation films produced since the 1990's joined other film genres in becoming a tool for Zionist propaganda. Sometimes this is achieved by using falsified biblical narratives, like in the case of "The Prince of Egypt." Other times, it is achieved in a very subtly, crafty, and indirect manner, like in the film "Chicken Run."

Dr. Majid Shah-Hosseini, an Iranian film critic: Many films from the 1960's and the 1970's indirectly convey the notion that the Jews were oppressed. This is conveyed through the themes of distance from the motherland, and the search for one's mother, who symbolizes the motherland. These messages were gradually introduced into animation and children's films.


Sayyid Abu-Alhassan Allawi Tabatabai, an Iranian film critic: These people never make a film without a premeditated motive.


Two emotional themes can be identified in children's films, especially animations. One is the lost mother, and the other is the lost land. There is also the lost dog... These three themes frequently appear in animations produced since the 1970's.


Presenter: Even though "Chicken Run" is a sort of fantasy about an animal farm, on a deeper level it depicts the Zionists' favorite themes, which appear in many of the visual dramas of the 20th century. The recreation of a kind of genocide, using visual elements reminiscent of Nazi Germany death camps – an idea linked to the religious themes of a savior and immigration to a promised land – serves a propaganda machine, whose goal it is to depict itself as a symbol for the oppressed and for those who suffer.


Dr. Majid Shah-Hosseini: In "Chicken Run," for example, you find allusions to the Holocaust, to concentration camps, and to the concept of awaiting a hero or a savior. It portrays efforts to escape a predetermined fate – the death of all those who lived in that camp, who are depicted as chickens. Eventually, a kind of Noah's Ark is built – in this case, it is a flying ship – which is used for their escape.


Presenter: Unfortunately, Zionist notions can be detected in children's movies, from the days of Walt Disney and to TV animation films. The Zionists' exclusive investments in group specializing in children's films, such as DreamWorks in the 1990's, and the appearance of various works like "Chicken Run," which employed magnificent techniques, were part of their premeditated plan to cover the blood stains soiling the clothes of the occupiers of the lands of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Produced by the IRINN Science, Culture, and Arts Grou

I think you hit the nail on the head with paranoia, Styx. Paranoia makes everyone crazy and seems to be spreading around the globe at an alarming rate. The fears of the West that Iran is set on making nuclear bombs has intensified the paranoia on both sides... especially with America hinting that Israel is considering a bombing raid. However, you don’t have to go far to find paranoia here either... I can still remember the clip, from several years ago now, of Billy Connelly going down the canal on a barge shouting ‘Hello’ to people he passed on the canal bank. Most just ignored him or looked at him with hostility and eventually Billy shouted something like “What’s wrong with you people – I can’t mug you from here!” Just noticed this in the news - US wants more "punitive" steps against Iran. We know why of course - but then, if we are afraid that Iran might get nuclear weapons think of how afraid they might be of the USA. Not only does the US have the world's largest nuclear arsenal but also it has made veiled threats it might use them on Iran... and, perhaps most worrying for Iran, is the fact that the US is the only power on Earth ever to have used nuclear weapons in anger!
I said many moons ago on this site that it won't be America that attacks Iran it'll be Israel. Well their president stated that he wants to push Israel into the sea. Empty rhetoric? That kind of rhetoric isn't empty.


I don't know if paranoia is the right word. There are definitely people around the world who feel threatened by what they see as Western cultural imperialism. Many in Europe feel that way about America.
Chuck I'm with you on the American cultural imperialism, But Chicken Run being Zionist propaganda?


I haven't seen 'Chicken run' so I can't make an informed judgment as to its Zionist propaganda content. I notice Mel Gibson is in it so it seems unlikely. Unless he was duped?
Hahaha... Maybe he was drunk at the time :O)
Nagasaki's toll from the bomb dropped by the Americans on August 9th, 1945 is updated every year with the names of those who die of radiation illness... 3,058 names were added to the list this year. The local mayor said that the US and Russia should lead the world in striving to abolish nuclear weapons... instead of deepening the worries with conflict over the USA's proposed missile defence system. To be honest, Iran might be less 'paranoid' had America not waited until Saddam gave up his latest missiles (to the UN inspectors) before they invaded! I know I always blame Bush but what a sucker Blair was... Blair planned Iraq war from start.
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