The Last Of The Mohicans

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The Last Of The Mohicans

When I posted this topic several years ago about 150 psychiatric patients had died in South Africa due to maltreatment and neglect. There was no public outcry and the responsible parties where never brought to book.  It seems that I will soon be among their number. It is time for drastic reforms in the mental health sector in this country. It is time for the government and the people to act. This inhumanity and murder can not be tolerated under any circumstances in a civilized society! 

The other day I bought a book at the Upstairs Bookshop and as the young man was helping me, he was a punk had an Indian Chief hairstyle, a colourful rooster, he seemed a bit amused. I realised and glanced again at the book I'd just bought "The last of the mohicans".

No-one cares for psychiatric patients not even their families they are seen as only a burden to society. It doesn't have to be like that they can contribute and in fact be valuable citizens. Unfortunately we do have a history of human rights violations.



They said the death toll now is over 140 I think they're having difficulty identifying the corpses. There was very little said of the circu stances. It sounds basically exposure and hunger.

From bad to worse. Let us hope that something will be done about this.


Close to Joburg on the M1 Highway wednesday a week ago a motorcar trailer crashed and it was then discovered to have been carrying 42 bodies. There were 16 adult corpses and 26 of babies and stillborn. The vehicle driver claimed to have been transporting the corpses from a State General Hospital to a cemetery. They had no documentation. The transportation was unlawful, very unhygenic and extemely undignified.

In all religions there has to be great respect and reverence for the dead. In African traditions especially those of death and afterlife are held very sacred. There are special rituals and ceremonies and a time of mourning with a burial. This was terrible already from a religious viewpoint, it is shocking by any standards as well as extremely serious in legal terms. And so much the more a horror in South-Africa when considering local customs and traditions.

Personally I believe that there is much more to this.
Tom Brown 

And let us not forget the Marekana massacre.


Dead bodies everywhere. Warning signs for all to see.sad


Some people say these are the Dark Ages. The times we are living in now.


These stories are absolutely terrible, to me personally it reminds of the Nazi's.

It looks like they are passing the buck and blaming their subordinates. That just goes to show; there is no accountability in South Africa.angry


Dark ages. It's probably the same everywhere.

The families of the victims have been awarded over a million rand each in compensation, but it is too late now, the damage has already been done.



You can't put a price on life.

There was talk about possible criminal prosecution for those responsible, but as of yet nothing has been done about it. angry