The effect of publishing

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The effect of publishing

A year ago, I published my first book entitled Full Filler by Ice Rivers. Gotta say that publishment has improved my life. I've been a writer know for over 50 years. People would ask me 
"what do you write" or 
'are you published."

I didn't have much of an answer for either.

I shared my work with others.

I taught writing.

I have a Maters degree in writing.

I write almost every day.

Still, until a year ago, no book.

I wasn't looking for a book.

But I knew that I had an audience that wsould enjoy my writing if I put something together.

So I did

And they did.

And we're all of us a lttile changed

But no one more than me.

It's always good to hear that writers get the chance to publish a book. I wish you much happy writing that gives many hours of pleasure. Good luck in the future.



well done. keep promoting your book and writing.