Twigs and Toads

Memories of a 6 year old Psychiatric Outpatient

Winter Wonderland (2) Sunshine

Blue sky and sunshine, soft snow glitters; warm light, air cold. Walking into town, hard-packed pavement centres – safer foothold on the snowy edges...

Winter Wonderland

Trudging through the snow – like royal icing fresh – sinking softly at each step … will they have to stay the night? will replacements reach? …

a place I never knew

Silence swills in early morning lamplight, catching fog in rays as gulls patrol the cobbled streets; an oversight in fading darkness. Streets filling...


She's never spoken before. Not to me. Not properly. Just platitudes. How are you? Cold today isn't it? Have a good weekend! There's a shadow on his...

Terri, William and Barbara

Terri, William and Barbara My wife was telling me about the intoxicating smell that came from the packaging of Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories...

Sea and shore

Alone on the shore, waves are no crashing bore Their height and force excite me, if I enter may even smite me Far out, I wonder what lies beneath and...

Henry the Barber

Just as dogs were once wolves, barbers were once doctors. I remember going to the doctor before I remember going to the barber. Perhaps this is why I...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Compassion Fatigue

Hey you. Yeah you. I know your grandad died last night but conjugate this verb. Get into groups now. Group one: Data says you're the smart kids...

Passing Teignmouth

Passing Teignmouth, Remembering a love. Passing Teignmouth, As I travel home. More than two and a half hours away still, But. ‘Nearly there’, I think...