Senescent Language

Senescent Language Of my forefathers Lingers in my adolescent memory I had vowed to forget my distant past Only then could I become a true citizen Of...

Circa 1958

Ordered an egg roll with a buddy of mine spoke of how tough it was at home and other things— that mom was a waitress here like the one bringing our...

From a troopship, July 1945

The place – he’s in a troopship on the way; the why? long journey home, he fills each day recalling memories of years abroad in war, his toil...

Golden Hour

Inspired by a Saturday night out.

Blind Spot

Even though we are licensed drivers in New York, in order to get a driver's license in North Carolina, we had to take a test on road signs and get...


Hope is not a constant. But. I like the idea. I let it carry me. Although sleep is brief, I have started to dream again.
Gold cherry


I was listening to a podcast about the Psychological study of intelligence at the time, on my bike. Joel spent all Saturday afternoon fixing it for £...


Lost in water It begins life as a newt Or a tadpole Uncanny resemblance to a sperm! Therefore I wonder how much of our (my) DNA Is shared with the...