The Liberation of Stefan and Penka

We met in black and white. Four eyes peircing dirt and spiders‘ webs To escape their world behind the wood pile In the darkest corner of an ancient...

I, Myself and Me

A self-portrait.

A Secret Barricuda

I've grown used to blood, scales and X rays giving away my secrets but was surprised this time when it was my pulse. Last week I fainted. We had been...

Neighbourhood Watch: The Shape of Things to Come

I've written about weird neighbours before, so some of you may remember the pair who've created a model mountain of dog poo in their backyard. Well,...

Musings At A Lakeside Idyll

Tribute to the universal mistress. Pic: my own

Who Knew

Who Knew you would grow into a wordsmith and gather phrases as beauty through a collection of letters from a-z and post them for others to enjoy -...
Gold cherry

The ZX81 and I

Sir Clive Sinclair R.I.P.

Golden Memories: TV Programmes Part Two

A few 1960's TV programmes are hard to forget, because they have rightly achieved cult status, and are now regularly repeated. These include The...

Wan too many

I woke up rough and grunting, Amidst a pile of bunting. Somebody said "who let that runt in?" "Get him out. Get shunting!" For my trousers, I then...