A sweeping saga remembered!

We were living in a tied-cottage (just a house really!) but it came with the job, and come the end of term, my husband brightly suggested he’d … where had the brush stuck?!

Brave Face

Brave Face (19/02/2018) Belt up, enough’s enough, Got some lumps in your throat? That must be tough. Calm down, choke back the tears, Want the...


In memory of my Dad - 1945-2016 I. Which weight Dad slipped from your shoulders onto mine, when standing in a corridor of a hospital decades ago and...

The Fire this Time - Tale of a Student Art Thief

Reposted from a few years back. I took down some pieces 2 years ago as I had a lot of ranty firebreathing stuff and I wanted to present an even spread between rant and relax.
Gold cherry

Les Rowse, Philippe and I , final chapter.

Warning,the incident that makes me leave home is a bit sordid.

Salvo had a pretty sister.

Naples, 1978 or thereabouts. On the pavement outside a café two men were drinking coffee at a rickety table; I was one of them. The train that...


I was walking. Towards the alley. You were walking towards me. You didn't have my attention as so much that you were in front of me. I went to avert...

Dear Mum

Christmas as the daughter of an Alcoholic

Strength And Passion Of Women

Dear diary: In The Year Of The Woman, I needed to write this piece. By the beginning of 1988 I'd got to know many fantastic women who made such a big...

Living in a song perhaps.

I saw a man today who looked like a character torn from of a Leonard Cohen song. The way he smoked his cigarette made smoking look like hard work,...