Flight (05.05.2021) I have not used my wings in a long time. Stiff, wrinkled things, they do not look divine; black and shrivelled, they lie dormant...

Golden Memories: Toybox #2

I've succumbed to temptation and decided to revisit some of my old toys. It's supposed to be a mistake in writing to use lengthy lists, but maybe a...

A yellow world

She felt like vigorously colouring in, some energetic pressing back and forth, and filling in, not delicately shading different colours in, and proudly finished and presented – a yellow rainbow, yellow cloud …

Our Last Talk

Between us, silence is a game of charades played on changing leaves.

Golden Memories: The Toybox

At first, nostalgia seems like a unique, individual experience, but as time goes by people often realise that others have had very similar events in...

Before We Kissed Goodnight

Dear diary...remembering a time in early 1970. Now I still feel the same inside. Once we danced in meadows it was a hippy special time, with sunshine...
Gold cherry

The Kaleidoscopic I

A psychedelic cartoon in split-perspective

The Christmas Following

A strange MI-6 (?) episode 1962/3 - pic: no © issues Heaviest winter snow on record - travel almost impossible!

West is the best?

I could go no further east Birthed near the breakers Toes on the reef edge Limited by the cold sea I looked to the west And lost myself in the...