Friday nights

Staring at a plane with you in awe As if we had never seen one Or been on one before And couldn’t even dream how that might feel Like watching moon...
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My New Nemesis

It was small wonder that I was continually nursing a boil somewhere on my bottom...

The Kindness of Kasmir

“Yes, my dear girl, this is life now. We will never fit in, only get used to it. The trouble is, we are square pegs in a round hole.”

Golden Memories: Sundries

It's always fascinated me how certain experiences are fixed in memory, while many others are lost. In some obvious cases the reason appears to be...
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276 Portobello Road

She was wonderful to us – always dressed to the nines and often in a fur coat, beautifully made up and scented; she was called ‘A lady of the night’, my parents said, which meant that she was up in the west end a lot...

My Pal, Jack Dempsey

Just North of Times Square and a little further uptown from Tin Pan Alley is where I met the Manassas Mauler, Jack Dempsey. Before Joe Louis, before...

Virus by Wendy Kirtley

Virus Dark skies above us, The virus is there, We’ve been told to stay home, If we dare to go out there. We must stay away from people we love,...


I don't have a toothache today. I rejoice. During my last tooth emergency, I promised myself and God that if this pain went away, I would remeber and...

Golden Memories: Secondary School Teachers

And now ladies and gentlemen, the main bout this evening. A tag team contest, being decided by four falls and many essay submissions. In the blue...
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Pad Life: The Joy of Jabbing

The Pad has a day out and takes the Red Arrow (nothing to do with Lord of the Rings, before you get excited). Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons Picture: