Words Are

On realizing the impact of words now that I can no longer speak as I once did and wishing I could have a few of those misspoken words back.


Brenda has been my bridge partner for the last 13 years or so. We are about the same age, and level of ability, but our friendship has been very...

Higher Authorities

Higher Authorities We want our children to be free! Free to choose what they want to be Free to be able to develop their own career Free to take off...

Relative Poverty | Reflecting on Childhood Experiences

I am, I accept, very privileged. I live in a well furnished and accessorised home that I can afford to keep warm in winter. I earn more than enough...
Gold cherry

2002-05 My memories of working at a hostel for homeless men

It wasn't my first time working with people who had become homeless. It was 22 years after. I was now 43, working in Exeter not Belfast. The system...

Path blocked

Along the low ridge, blue skies and white clouds – Clee hills to the left, Wenlock Edge to the right; then on to the lane … cows, calves and a bull moved to greet us, squashed up close – inquisitive? should we squeeze through …

An Incredible Journey (IP)

I am about to make an incredible journey, Ladies and Gentlemen. It has occurred to me that if I create a fictionalized version of myself then I exist...

At This Time

Picture by pixabay free images. Dear Mother Earth, at this time I ask for your support and guidance throughout the next ninety six hours, be with me...