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Autonomy Pt 1

Fledgeling idea

Rada - A bipolar story

Rada is an average girl with a not so average problem. Determined to find the help that she deserves, she tells her story.


I used to hate getting the bus to work. Just the thought of having to stand at the bus stop in all types of weather Monday to Friday really depressed...

The Love Addict

Sometimes you have no choice but to love yourself

Lurranus Stories: The Unknown

2119 The view was breaktaking. Looking out, Craig Donnely could see thousands of stars. Each and everyone one, a distant world. Thousands of galaxies...

The Longest Commute

Author’s notes: A fictional newspaper article. Name of the writer is a PSEUDONYM. MOst places and towns mentioned are real, but ALL NAMES FICTITIOUS...

Josie and Sam

Josie and Sam The room was silent but for the soft whirring of the fan, the tick-ticking of the clock, and the tap-tapping of the receptionist's long...

Mommy's Shoes

Mommy’s Shoes I was five, or four, Sneaking in to open the cupboard door. Taking out the elegant heels, Sneaking them on with ease. My feet filling...


I think I've had enough Trying to pick a drink that will sit On top of the rest of the night Something that will join in And not cause any trouble '...


Bloodlessness sets us apart From the rest of the pub No lips to interrupt No hands to form fists Peaceful in our isolation Two ghosts anchored by...