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Gold cherry

A Story of May

I was born in October, and I always knew my name was chosen as a political statement. My Dad was a member of the International Marxist Group back then. They were big in the seventies.

The Sausage

I tied a sausage to my leg and for a short time my ex-girlfriend was fooled. But she dumped me flat on my ass when she laerned her leg was being...

Lamenting the lock-up

Josiah and Archibald consider the possibility of further Covid restrictions, with mixed results.

Soul Circles

The sun was setting. They had reached a stretch of desert. She wasn’t familiar with any deserts in the area. Groups of people were gathered in circles across the stretch as several black cars dotted their outlines. Some looked to be around her age. Older ones seemed to stay close to the cars. "Excuse me?" she asked a woman with long grey bushy hair. "How do I get to-" "Follow your instructors kid and join one o' the circles," the raspy voice said as the woman lit up another cigarette.

The Tunnel

A surreal, thought-provoking look at where our life choices might lead to a reckoning. Be aware, some horror lurks in this story. But also be aware - once read, you will always have this one in the back of your mind... how good have you been?

Questionable Morals

When everything has been said and done, You are not good enough for my son. You've been with a lot of men and you have four illegitimate babies. I...

The Three Halves of Martyn Manning--Chapter Eleven - Janet

His office took up most of the top floor of the Keller Tower. It was by no means the tallest skyscraper in New York, but he had wonderful views over...

Compound Fracture (Part 2)

A man finds solace in the company of an unlikely companion
Gold cherry

Compound Fracture (Part 1)

A man finds solace in the company of an unlikely companion