Other Fiction

The Prospective Client

Part 3. The title installment.

The Prospective Client

Part 2. Singleton experiences shopping anxiety.

A Conversation with Bohemia upon Arriving into the Czech Republic

“Hey, don’t I know you?” He looks round, places a battered copy of something by his Pilsner, and shimmies slightly up the gradient.

The Prospective Client

Part 1. Singleton craves Pop Tarts.

Red Alert!

I hadn’t visited Baxter in some time, having been off in Albuquerque tending to business with a malfunctioning electrical system in a parking garage...

An Intervention 2

Continuation of a story of marital strife, from a child's point of view, and set in Ireland in the 1960s

An Intervention 1

This is a story about marital strife, seen from a child's viewpoint, and set in Ireland in the 1960s

The jazz girl and her mate

The neck of her saxophone glistens like an industrial chimney, its golden valves bubbling up crotchets through the whisky-drowsing air.

Middle Aged Charlie Brown

(A parody of the Peanuts Comic Strip) As children, when Lucy pulled away the football, it was cute. Back then I could laugh about it and I didn't...

I Was Cheated Out of Getting Revenge!

A man murdered his stepdaughter and framed me for the crime. I was arrested and found guilty by a jury and I had to do hard time. He blew his...