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Gold cherry

Horror In The Smallest Room

I am a novelist. I do not exorcise bathrooms. Your're offering how much? Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons


It was a sunny day at the seaside and the bay was packed with visitors. Ice-cream parlours were doing a roaring trade, while in the bay itself a...

Disenchantment 24

***** Horblende watched from his car as Mark and the female who arrived last exited the house and walked back to her vehicle. He had gotten her...
Gold cherry
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April 2020 Window One. Rain streaks make it hard for me to see, so I grab the binocs and catch a glimpse of Amelia Jones’ bright red overcoat as she...

The Viper

The hood made my world dark and the ropes that bound my wrists and ankles stopped me moving at all, as I lay on the hard tiled floor behind the sofa...

Golden Memories: Sundries

It's always fascinated me how certain experiences are fixed in memory, while many others are lost. In some obvious cases the reason appears to be...

Disenchantment 23

“Do you know what they are doing? How they are looking into it?” asked Oren. “No, I’m a student. I’m only an undergraduate student.” Malbourne glared...


I started this in early '19. the goal was to have it ready to sing on a visit to Donegal that Summer.