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Footsteps on gravel slip into soft padding on rock. The trees sigh in dismay as I turn with shoulders raised. Warmth floods through me, within and...

Izzy's First Spring

Izzy was having one of those days. The sort that two year olds often have, according to her grandma. Unfortunately, it seemed like mummy was having...

The Bad Parts

Lonely, hollow, empty, meek, Define the people you seek, Creep on in during quiet hours, Put them under with your power. Days, weeks, pass without...

The Call of Vengeance

The shadows appeared ominous against the walls as she made her way through the dark ally , her eyes darting anxiously as if she'd be able to make out...
Gold cherry

Goodnight, Elvis

Auntie Martha didn’t want me in her place from the get-go.

Finding a Reason

“It’s not that I don’t love you anymore, I’m serious, that’s not it. I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just… I’m not the same. I don’t feel anything...

. He’s The A and R Man

. He’s The A and R Man By Paul McCann He listens with his heart to the music in his ear every song is a masterpiece for a sound engineer, It’s got to...

Easter 2022 by Alfred N. Muggins

The whole world prays as Putin’s stooges, young inexperienced soldiers, pilots, sailors and generals reign down death upon civilians turned into...