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PANDEMONIUM by johnbest obialo (Inspired by 14th February Zamfara Killings) It was at exactly 10:20pm in birani, when we heard the gun shots. "Kpuah...

The Photo Album

Years have gone by and Anjali started reading her bygone days. She could go back to her good old days as she turned over the pages. Maya, her niece,...

The Day of a Nurse

I had just clocked in and already I was thrown into a world of chaos. The waiting room was almost full and more were flooding in. My hands took on a...

No Ones Home

No Ones Home By Paul McCann Bad news, the blues, Eugene what can I say . Your soles have holes and you’re walking away. Shift off Eugene, shuffle...

This Abyss

This Abyss By Paul McCann https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=-cStr08HSEA . Without your kiss I’m lost in this abyss, I shut my eyes and...

Ryan Williams - Hero To Zero (Part III)

The referee blew the whistle and the match continued. 52nd minute 0-0 Kieran now had the ball out wide and took it down line. 'Whip it in' Ryan...

Ryan Williams - Hero To Zero (Part I)

Ryan,12 is a popular boy from the small town of Summersmith, England. He has a lot on his mind ranging from his parents divorce to his personal love life. Ryan breaks down as his girlfriend dumps him due to Ryan cheating on her. Ryan almost lossses his girlfriend, bestfriend and life in one day. He's the star in the year 7 football team and the school side have reached the semi-finals. Can Ryan keep a cool head and lead them to the final and maybe even win?

The Intruder

Then, the man dropped his arm and leg and leaned forward. The moonlight through the window gently shone on his handsome face. He had a pair of large and beautifully shaped calming eyes and an eagle nose.

Fictional Novel Chapter Five: the rat

If you looked at the dirty blue seats with disfigured cushioning closely, you could almost hear them [the seats] heaving a sigh of relief and speaking to each other. “Which station is this, mate?” “It’s only Covent Garden, mate; many more to go before we can stretch ourselves”.