Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 12 – The Secret Songbird

After all his guests had left, despite the fact he had had the busiest week he could remember and he’d been up half the night he had no intention of trying to catch up on his sleep so Kayleigh drove him into Purplemere to pick up his car then she went to visit Carl up at Plaxton Park while Jack went home and spent his time tidying the house and to keep him going he put on some music.

Dressed In Autumn's Colors

Inspired poem by this Autumn scene from Pixabay free. Paint me a scene where I can ramble cruise down river on leisurely barge, gazing at all the...

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 11 – The Night Out

The following day they woke together in his bed on a grey cold morning and had a lazy start to the day and after a late breakfast she slipped out into the grey to get her hair done for the night out and an hour later Jack left and drove over to the Waterside Club.

I've been there

I've been there. When you had too much dramas in life, losing the people you love a lot, so many changes happen, You tend to keep your circle small,...

Awaken The Miracle Of Creativity

Picture from Pixabay free September ignites tales of wonder as mind stumbles from one embryonic idea to another, junctions inhibiting train of...

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 10 – The Busy Season

In the week following he saw very little of Kayleigh but he didn’t have time to miss her as his feet barely touched the floor. He was spurred on by his mother’s words to him when he was a boy, which reverberated in his head, like a mantra.

Golden Tomorrows

Picture from Pixabay free. Approaching my sixth week of recovery, I'm excited for those brand new tomorrows free of pain, to walk in parks, woodlands...

Moral Philosophy: Measuring your self worth against Principle versus Measuring it against Society

There are two rulers that people use to measure their self worth - the first is destructive but the second, if our principles are good, is...

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 09 – Helping one of the Angels

The next morning after a couple of lengthy phone calls to the club to catch up with the business side of his life Jack went out the door and took a walk in the direction of the church and discovered Gary had been true to his word, as one of the two vans parked outside the Church bore the livery of Sound in Spiers, he was tempted to go in and see how they were getting on but in truth he wouldn’t have been able to tell how they were progressing.

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 07 – Saving Santa’s Grotto

When Jack finally got the Cottage to himself again and he got to spend some quality time with Kayleigh for the first time in days he was a little surprised to find her somewhat standoffish and not her normal warm flirty self.