Teachers : The Neo Creadds Are Born (Ch.14f)

The Neo Creadds go out onto the Vidnet and into lecture halls to get their messages across and stimulate debate about the grey society which has developed. Avoiding comedy they begin to enter politics. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.

Undying Beauty

Half light signals first flush of dawn unable to move in hospital ward, perfect sunrise shines as canvas of color brings tears to my eyes, sweeping...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 20 – Baiting the Hook

Lyris Skeet released the mooring clamps and the Spider Hawk and the Tornado parted company. “We have separation” Lyris said “Let’s get it done then” Merri said and Lyris employed the thrusters and they raced towards Soman, while and the Tornado continued slowly on its original heading in the opposite direction towards Zenden with Zerrad in the left seat and a pensive Asti Alegionaris beside him.

A Fountain in the Desert

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Pleasures and philosophies, cannot last or deeply please. Life is dark, a desert drought – Christ brings hope – the light shines out. Come for water, come for life …

My Journey

Born to a world of strife This is the story of my life Turbulent waters I was born Father left and forever shorn Mother with two young boys Pain all...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 19 – The Spider Hawk Mission

It was the early hours of the morning after the crew of the Tornado discovered that Maxil Weltz and Vint Reganus, Ghambran agents in the employ of Prefector Collis, had arrived on Soman asking about the Tornado’s whereabouts.

A Higher Calling

So tired.... Just want to close my eyes Drift to that world void of lies Where I can swim in thin air Where things seem to be fair This would keeps...

The Light

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let is shine, let it shine... Something so simple yet profound. In the darkeness I am found I used to feel that...

Mother Of Freeways

Mother Of Freeways By Paul McCann Mother of freeways , protect families who are about to begin their holiday . Mother of freeways , prevent road rage...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 18 – The Hounds Return

After leaving Eirkos they returned to base on Soman and prepared for a prolonged run around the system although it turned out they had a three day wait before departure. And as there wasn’t too much in the way of leisure activities they got to work on some basic maintenance, cleaning and restocking.