interrupted- finis

Day Interrupted- finis Thursday morning arrived. We were up early and ready to set out by 7 am. Rte. 41 South was decidedly crowded with the daily “...


I am a product of words exalted by the Lord: “Be fruitful and multiply.” *Genesis 1:22

Snippets of Downshire Life – Feast of St Nicholas

Snippets of Downshire Life – Feast of St Nicholas The traditional seaside resort of Sharpington-by-Sea with its Victorian Pier, seafront hotels, crazy golf, The Palladium ballroom, well maintained gardens, promenade, theatre and illuminations, has all the usual things to have a great time by the seaside, as well as amusement arcades and of course the Sharpington Fun Park and it was in the grand neighbourhood of Granite Hill, which in a nod to San Francisco, the locals had nicknamed Nob Hill where Church Warden of St Lucy’s, Henry Appleby, was attending a dinner on St Andrew’s Day, at the home of a local celebrity, children’s author, Alesha Khan.

Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone.

I love this story, on every level. The Woman was caught in the very act of adultery, was the Man married too? We don’t know, we are not told, but she...

Snippets of Downshire Life – St Nicholas’ Day

Downshire is a relatively small English county but like a pocket battleship it packs a lot in, a short but beautiful coastline, a channel port, the Ancient forests of Dancingdean and Pepperstock, the craggy ridges and manmade lakes of the Pepperstock Hills National Park, the rolling hills of the Downshire Downs, the beautiful Finchbottom Vale and farm land as far as the eye can see from the Trotwood’s and the Grace’s in the south to the home of the Downshire Light infantry, Nettlefield, and their affluent neighbour’s, Roespring and Tipton in the north but our story takes place in the southern town off Abbottsford which was the biggest in Downshire, its administrative capital and the seat of the Downshire government.

Talking with the spirits

Conversations with the disembodied Whenever you start off an article like this, people roll their eyes and say “Oh, boy. Here we go! “But, you can...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (65) The Gentle Giant and the Christmas Maid (Part 04)

He was helping her through the small opening between the roof supports and she wriggled and squirmed like a little ginger fish. “How are you doing?” he asked “I’ve almost got it” she replied “another couple of inches should do it”

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (65) The Gentle Giant and the Christmas Maid (Part 03)

Toni and Christine were stood talking in the common room when Aaron walked through the door. “Did you want to see me?” he said to Christine “Yes, we’ve located the Christmas Decorations” she replied

Mother Of Recognition

Mother of Recognition by Paul McCann Mother of recognition help me to acknowledge those who would betray me . Mother of recognition show me the...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (65) The Gentle Giant and the Christmas Maid (Part 02)

Toni didn’t know when she started messing around with Aaron quite how physical he would get but she wasn’t complaining