Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (77) Welcome to the Claremont Hotel (Part 01)

Shallowfield sat on the southern edge of the Finchbottom Vale and was bordered on the other side by the Dancingdean forest and the town’s fortunes had always relied largely upon forestry and agriculture for its survival.

Strange Happenings

My name's Anna, I'm twenty two with cropped hair that looks quite boyish, but cut short makes it easier to keep clean and tidy, especially in my line...

Downshire Diary – (78) In the Afterglow

It was in the late 1980’s when Gerry Cooper, a Uniform Police Constable in Finchbottom, was on holiday with a group of fellow officers.

The Waiting Room

Cracked walls demand that the silence within them Maintains itself, contains itself In this the Waiting Room A stubborn silence That pretends not to...

Policing Downshire in the Noughties – The Body in the Tree

Marty Griffin was a wiry character much like a younger version of the Detective Inspector Tom Adamson for who he worked, but with brown hair.

The Awkwardness of Life

I’m not comfortable with the awkwardness of life I can never decide If all the things I see in front of me I should or shouldn’t hide I’m not crazy...

Downshire Diary – (77) Oh Carole

Carole Bean went to the University of Downshire where she studied English at Abbottsford and it was for her, like many girls of her age, a life defining time.

Mother Of Generosity

Mother Of Generosity by Paul McCann Mother of generosity remove the greed from those who only consider self . Mother of generosity open a way for the...

Dressed for the King!

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Adverts suggest that we never could be happy without some new gadget we see, kitchen transformed, or a new...

A Mercenary's Tale

An act of unprecedented altruism, grappling with pure evil, I dragged it away from destroying all, down over the edge with me, into the dark abyss of...