The Fortune Teller

Two potential writers should be discouraged from marrying! (photo - my own)

Tolkien on Disco Biscuits

Nothing to see here, walk on by. Image is used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported: photograph by Acroterion

In a World Gone Mad: Monday 6 July 2020

We walked bloody miles yesterday. It was just under five miles, but it was heavy walking over heathland and up—and sometimes down was worse—massive...

The Gossip

gone with the wind

In a World Gone Mad: Sunday 5th July 2020

Sunday 5 July 2020 We had a karaoke night last night, Andy didn’t join us because he was hung over from the night before when he went to his friend’s...

In a World Gone Mad: Saturday 4th July 2020

Saturday 4 July 2020 I’ve done it, I’ve done it, I’ve bloodywell only gone and done it. After umph years, umph days and umph hours, I’ve finished...

In a World Gone Mad: Thursday 2 July 2020...2

Teagan is a nightmare, Teagan, and Arthur together—well there aren’t enough adjectives in the language to describe what it’s like. I caved and took...

In a World gone Mad: 2 July 2020...1

Thursday 2 July 2020 I’m tired—but I am sleeping. The total madness of a few weeks ago has gone. Between getting up to Arthur—which is never going to...

In a world Gone Mad: 1 July 2020 ...3

Well, I have my Magic the Gathering cards. Andy has already said that when I die he would like them—yeah not a chance sunshine. You might be a good...

In a World gone Mad: 1 July 2020 ... 2

She has a rash and is scratching all the time. She’s going through a furious moult, I’ve never seen a dog loose so much hair. I’ve been asking to get...