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StoryThe Chief Managing Director Has a Few Requests the-real-jaw07 months 3 weeks ago
StoryThe Liar the-real-jaw37 months 4 weeks ago
Storymanic epiphany in new york city the-real-jaw07 months 4 weeks ago
Storydust keys the-real-jaw07 months 4 weeks ago
Storythe criminal dream of an employee the-real-jaw07 months 4 weeks ago
Storygod's mess the-real-jaw08 months 37 min ago
StoryThe Insemination the-real-jaw28 months 51 min ago
StoryThe Freshness of the First and Foremost of the Finest of the Lines the-real-jaw18 months 19 hours ago
StoryThe Parasite Pities Its Host the-real-jaw08 months 20 hours ago
CollectionProse the-real-jaw08 months 20 hours ago
CollectionPoetry the-real-jaw08 months 20 hours ago

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way back at the beginning of time all reality except us was a cold corporate hallway and her body was my daily bread we made the trees shout before...

Our Lady of the Streets

The city’s rectangular eyes towered over me. Banks and offices whispered to each other forecasts of my movements. They knew I was lost and trying to...

dancing in a cage wheeled through a forest of eyes

Outdoors the air is hostile and nervy, it bothers glam willows and the swan navy, and me, a slug hunched in a shell jacket, haunting the canal and...

The Rainy Library

Yeah, I’ve been to the rainy library. They don’t put plastic on any of the goods. So many waterlogged stacks of books… I remember standing in the...

check reality

I’ve been up days talking god down from his tree, scraping my skullsides for more sky, and now, eating beans from the tin, I await dawn,...