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My stories have been read 1022 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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Adeola Adetayo


My stories

Night Café

At night in that dusty café, feeling as empty as the night air, I am reminded of pretty women who risk it all for love. They say love is blind but I...

Dear Baby Girl

To be a girl in the world is to hold your head up high, maintain your posture, and gently unleash your power. You hold all the strength in the world...

Testing the Hands of Faith by Adeola, Beverly, and Jenny

They took us. On February 10, 1933, I lost everything. Hiding behind our bombarded front door, we shook in fear as Nazi soldiers raided our home and...

I am Black and cannot Breathe

I am Black I can't breathe As my Black brothers and sisters Take their last breath I am left in shock I am Black I can't breathe Our necks are...

A Season to Remember Part 2

Once we got there I saw that the angel of the night that I saw at my door that night was my grandfather and then I saw my trainer and the captain of...