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My stories have been read 1022 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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Adeola Adetayo


My stories

Don’t You Know You Are Beautiful?

All you see are past hurts but all I see is bravery. Although I cannot make your past pain disappear and I cannot acknowledge the wrongs the world...

A Season to Remember

I can’t believe it, I said. It’s almost my birthday, no……….no it almost my sixteenth birthday! That’s good honey, mom had said, but she didn’t sound...

I have had enough but was it worth the thought

The way I felt that day that made me want to kill. A wave of anger just came over me as my body stiffened, as my eyes started to withdraw tears as...

The Z Project

Her fingers started to move. The heart rate monitor started to beep. Her eyes blinked open. She looked around the room. She saw the blue plate with...

The Madness in my Grief

On April 14, 1999, I met four friends. Where they came from, I can’t exactly tell you. The names of my four friends are Nebula, Jada, Ellen, and...