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I have 34 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 39513 times and 27 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Alison Wassell

Short story writer, part-time seller of bottled gas, volunteer charity shop worker, cat-mother, worrier, insomniac.  Once upon a time I was a normal person who earned a living as a primary school teacher.

My stories


A and E

Friday and Saturday nights are always the worst. Jack has learned how to differentiate the time wasters from the really sick. He wanders through the waiting area, trying to do a bit of triage.

Grandma's Curse

Grandma peered at the clock over the top of her glasses.
Story of the week


There is an uneasy silence on the playground as the mothers wait for the classroom door to open. They watch as the letters are handed out.

Parents' Night

The child sized chair creaks under her weight as she leans back, folding her arms. ‘He’s a little shit,’ she says.
Gold cherry

Jennifer Twigg, Kate Bush and Me

‘You’re one of them, aren’t you?’ Jennifer Twigg, flanked as usual by her henchwomen, spread the palms of her hands on my desk and leaned forward to smirk into my face.