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Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Seventeen

By the time Martin and Gemma have left and I’ve checked out how the wine fridge is looking, it’s almost half twelve. I just made £6. Enough for 2...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Sixteen

I have decided to wear a dress as a concession to conformity. It’s short though, kinda lacy and brilliant white. Like a fucking virgin. I am wearing...

Possible New Project 2

As I sat in the corner with her that night, I noticed an old man sat a couple of tables away. I hadn’t seen him when I looked across the pub...

Possible New Project 1

Unrequited love is without a doubt the best kind of love.There is nothing that can match the glorious sensation of pouring your essence into a well...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Fifteen

Each thought sends me falling. It’s the same feeling like when you jump into the water. That gasp, that moment when your body is not yours as you...