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Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Fourteen

I fell asleep on the sofa last night, having made a concerted effort to limit my booze intake. This mainly meant that I put the same amount of gin in...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Thirteen

“So to be clear Martin, I can only work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and I will never, ever fuck you.” Gemma does not have the monopoly...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Twelve

“So he has an art gallery. Not like a massive one but I think it does alright. He comes in the pharmacy for his prescription, nothing interesting,...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Eleven

I’m actually pretty good with money, I just don’t have enough of it. The cleaning jobs are great for the odd cash in hand top up and I enjoy the...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Ten

“What is cauliflower rice?” I say to Sash. She looks up from her phone and locks her eyes on me. “Mother, what do you think it is?” she replies,...