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Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Thirty Eight

Look at all the hair. When you’re up close it’s all different colours. It stands in a million different directions. I can touch it and it moves,...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Thirty Seven

I can hear the train a comin. A gentle rumbling this morning. It's rolling round the bend. It feels lighter than other times, like it really is...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Thirty Six

Mum’s on her way down to see us. I knew she was coming but I am ill prepared. My life is ill prepared. I drag Sash up from bed and push her towards...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Thirty Five

Me and Jimmy stare at the money for ages. Eventually I put it back in the envelope. “Fucking hell Jimmy boy, I mean, what just happened?” He lights a...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Thirty Four

I seriously cannot be arsed to cook tonight. It’s Friday, I’ve just been paid so I am sensing an epic night of Chinese style frivolities. Jimmy is...