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Paul Curtis

My name is Paul Curtis and I have lived most of my life in Surrey and now live and work in Woking. I have been writing for about thirty years originally for my own amusement although I now enjoy inflicting it on other people.

My stories

ERIC CHRISTMAS - 19th March, 1916 - 22nd July, 2000

Eric Cuthbert Christmas was born March 19th 1916 in London. He trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and in 1936 gained valuable experience in the English repertory theatre. The zenith of his early theatrical days was a principal role in the London production of Noel Coward's "Bitter Sweet" before the Second World War.


English is a very peculiar language that I will grant E.g. there's no ham in hamburger or egg in the eggplant


I don't have a problem with phone In's per se I don't mind the public having their own say

ROBERT DONAT - 18th March, 1905 ' 9th June, 1958

Some actor's, male and female, have such a presence when they're on the screen that you feel an immediate empathy with them, Robert Donat had that effect on me.


Instructions printed on toilet paper Is really the daftest caper But reading the instructions Is an even dafter aberration And then when you're reading You find that you're actually learning