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I have 17 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Ryan McDaniel

R.M Reil

My stories

Social Experiment

We each Are our own Experiment Dependent upon The treatment Of you to Another Let’s uncover The most egregious offense The tale of the Abused wife...

My Keeper

My Brother is my keeper As a children We were no different From Day an’ Night Yet Everything he is Is all I sought to be For a time, We slept in the...

Caged Poet

Death to the Poet without inspiration It's as a caged bird except the physical cage Isn't apart of the resignation Ngleected to expierence the...

Path Untaken

All I ever wanted Is to live life Day by day The dilemma within that is There are roads you must choose from One may appear greener Than the other...


Doin’ ten to twelve On a roadway Of hell Dropped the sentence The instance of an institution Bears no witness To our death sentence Here’s the tale...