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I have 99 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 87664 times and 53 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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The sloth woke up with a bright idea as he hung like a bag on a nail. It was bold and daring and crystal clear and could not possibly fail. It would change his world in a single glance

There's A Goat

There’s the blue of the sky and the green of the hill, and the white of the house and the sun, almost still, and the twist of a branch bent by winds from the sea,

Inside Elephant

I have a long, long trunk, not a long, long neck, and great big African ears. They want my tusks for an ivory tower, but they’ve been missing for years. Inside this body
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Bird in the Sky

A fictional account of real events in the Chagos Islands over 40 years ago. I felt this needed an edit, to make it shorter and simpler. I am hoping that with help from with family and friends, with art work and sound, I might be able to put this on You Tube to still keep trying to tell people what happened there. If anyone wants to find out more please contact the UK Chagos Support Association.