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I have 33 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 13633 times and 2 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Tom Pegler

I am an unfortunately erratic writer, prolific for starting and stopping stories as more ideas flow forth so I shall apologise for that here. I do however intend to finish every single piece I start and hope to upload many finished articles in the future.

I generally write sci-fi. It's always been my passion and probably always will be. Science is my greatest interest (aside from reading and writing of course) and I try to incorporate as much of it as I can. However fantasy and the abstract notions of emotion with regards to fictional characters and how that interacts with readers has always interested me, so I tend to try to write either intrinsically difficult or unusual characters to gauge readers reactions to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read any one of my short stories, sections of longer stories or any other abstract notion of story I have on here.


Regards, Charon (Tom)

My stories

The Eden Sky - Part 5 - The Aftermath

Each group of scientists filtered back to their appropriate meeting hall designated by a shipwide colour scheme, corresponding light paths seaming...

The Eden Sky - Part 4 - A Secret Coven

The Crowd was silent again. A bubbling murmur began to rise in pockets of the audience. Some sounds of stirring and of mechanical lights being...

The Eden Sky - 3 - An Auspicious Day

Alexa held her chin in her hands, a strained look crossing her face as an audible 'Hmmmm' permeated the space. "Alright people, can we have your...

The Eden Sky - Part 2 - Old Friends

Mila looked around and noticed that Alistair and Alexa looked pensive. A twitch of the jaw and the occasional glance at the floor. She’s worried...

The Eden Sky - Part 1 - A Less Than Graceful Wakening

A shrill hiss of air woke Mila from her dreamless slumber as the cryo-pod she was encased in rose from its bay and greeted her with the bright,...