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I have 17 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1455 times and 11 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Claire Wylie

ABCTales newbie! 16 years old in Dayton Ohio. Constructive criticism is encouraged, thank you!

My stories

Ostrich Egg QW

Hushhh Take your hands And hold your mind And hold it very still Try to focus on my words Whisper, if you will A fragile shell With speckled spots...

Cycle QW

Swirling my finger in the chest hair of the American dream Swirling my finger in the soft serve idea of you Swirling hair down the drain Swirling my...

A Summer Story (Alternate Ending)

. . . It didn’t take long that night for grief to cast a thick solid canvas over the house. Grandpa shaded his face with his hands as often as he...

Pivot QW

I find life to be ever-pivotal. It is the end result of happiness, the cusp of rebirth. My theory of pivots began its evolution in the skipping of a...

god and mothers (a rambling)

I started going to church again when I was fifteen, mind you, it was the first time I’d gone with serious intention, not just as I had as a child,...


3 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

1 Vote

Beautiful, left my mind awash

Posted on Wed, 04 Apr 2018

Beautiful, left my mind awash (haha) with beauty. Thank you for sharing! 

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Wow, what a crisp and

Posted on Fri, 26 Jan 2018

Wow, what a crisp and eloquent read. Like a card trick in your mouth. Truly wizard. 

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Posted in The Cutting Room

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Fantastic. Giving Pete Seger

Posted on Thu, 22 Feb 2018

Fantastic. Giving Pete Seger a run for his money! 

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Posted in More Guns