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Aphorisms of a Final Word

A new poem. "Nothingness is lining up"...

Sketches on the Backs of Receipts

A sonnet for a world. "one is a dog, the other something heavier. they look the same from here, but something tells me they’re not. i’m not a judge, i’m nothing, [...]"

The Official Biography of Wilhelm Besund Köln (1936-2003)

A biography in poetry for Wilhelm Besund Köln, the greatest fan of Günter Grass's 'Tin Drum'. Detailing various incongruous elements in his life.
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Interruption (Poem for the Narrator's Wife)

A new poem. Detailing the interruption of a dream. "a head floating down a river, i think, i think that’s what it is, or something horrible like that, [...]"
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Arctic Romance, Painted in Heat

A poem for someone (I think) I know. "Come here and try the green boughs, the brass orchestra, the screaming silence of night; "


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Great. Very Herman Melville/

Posted on Sat, 07 Jan 2017

Great. Very Herman Melville/ Joseph Conrad - the "mystery man" the narrator has to work through for the gains of the story. 

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