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Janet Jones

Hope For Justice. We exist to bring an end to modern slavery and human trafficking by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives & reforming society.

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My favourite subject at school was history, I just loved how things either evolved or was invented or happened by accident. I suppose everything has...

The Uber Taxi Driver.

Last week my Daughter Meghan went out with her friend Pippa, Meghan had taken ages getting ready and looked stunning! I have on my mobile the app...

It Goes In The Fridge With Good Intensions ...........

It goes in the fridge with good intensions… And what a bargain find it was. Then wrapped up in various foil, sandwich bags and small plastic tubs...

Man Flu Or COVID?

My Son Daniel came to dinner Christmas Day. Three days later he rang me from his home and said, “The next day I started to feel ill, with the flu,” I...

What Is Your Instinctive Word?

What is your instinctive word? We all have one or more. It also depends on the situation, such as fear, anger, shock, loneliness and more. Most...


6 of my comments have received 7 Great Feedback votes

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Hi skinner_jennifer

Posted on Thu, 03 Dec 2020

Hi I Love this, esppecially the first 4 lines. In Jan 2020 I bought wonderful Linen in inrediness for the  huge craft events I planed to attend. I was going to tie dye them all that I'd bought from my favourite designer store, it would include...

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Posted in Waiting For The Thaw

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Hi skinner_jennifer

Posted on Wed, 25 Nov 2020

I Love this. I have 5 cats now, I love to watch them play, and they all play differently, I love to watch them eat, I love to watch them drink water and one of them has milk only, I love it when they go out to the loo, and the ones that try to...

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Posted in Memories Of You I Keep

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Hi insertponceyre...

Posted on Mon, 13 Apr 2020

Yes I am loving it! My Daughter who is fab at computers with lots of patiences showed me how to do it (again and again ) until finally I got it, and it's all free to use and share.

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Posted in Selfish.

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Hi insertponceyre...

Posted on Thu, 05 Mar 2020

I will remove it then, I don't support fake news thank you for letting me know.

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Posted in The Coronavirus.

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The Feedback....

Posted on Fri, 21 Dec 2018

From last night's Service it went well, tears were shed, baubles blue, were put on a tree, a cosy arm chair was there to remind them it might be empty but their Loved One is not forgotten. 

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Posted in When Christmas Hurts.

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Hi insertponceyfre ....

Posted on Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Yes a happy outcome to follow.

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Posted in Lean Times.