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It Was Nice To See Things From The Other Side.

Many years ago, at the job that I still work at now, there was a few of us in the same invisible group, it wasn’t known to all, but through...

£00:00 Part Two.

I was chuffed to bits with my first Etsy sale. It was ten pounds and the happiness soon left me when I realized Etsy took their cut of three pounds...


Finally, this year I set up my Etsy shop, Sui Generis, selling my hand tie-dye clothes, and other tie-dyed items. I was SO excited, as there would be...

That's R$CH!!!!

The time now is only three in the afternoon but it’s already been a very long day, not just for me but for my lovely hardworking daughter Meghan. She...

Don't You Just Hate It When ....... Part Two.

Don’t You Just Hate It When …. Part Two. You arrive at the traffic lights and look to the driver on your left, and they do the same thing, we end up...