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My stories

Two Stores.

I Bought a cat bed, climbing frame, scratching post with three hanging golf ball sized balls, combined unit from a well-known shop on Friday. I paid...

Angel. Part Two.

The awful story of Angel has been on my mind for many months, I just couldn’t shake the horrors of what happened to her, how in one moment her life...

Angel. Part One.

When I think of an Angel, I think of someone not of this world, someone who is eternal, strong, knows my thoughts, not tied down to time and much...


Recently a new law has been past, I had heard about it, before it had been past but thought it must be a joke, I remember thinking, if this law came...

Two Generations. Two Fruits.

From last year I have washed an orange and cut it into four and had a swig from my bottle of cod liver oil. The cod liver oil is still in my mouth...