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I have 504 stories published in one collection on the site.
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My stories

A Father.

This week while my daughter Meghan and I was in the Living Room, she put YouTube on the telly, and it was court room clips of people who had murdered...

The Black Bitch.

What is wrong with people! We are living in strange times. It seems from last year to this, what we thought was impossible, has actually happened...


In life, I think we all meet one person if we are lucky and when we meet that person we think, they are really not like the rest of us, they are...

Was She An Angel In Disguise?

The moment she sat down; at her table she made an impression, first impression counts, it’s true what they say. She couldn’t help it, she just had to...


The anger, the hate, confusion, injustice, the, “Why? The, “How?” The “Why now?” “I did this for you, I gave you that, I cleaned, and tied up, for...