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Is This Universal?

Yesterday when I was at work, it was Fred’s birthday, he is a lovely lad, I went over to where he was sitting, alone in the office and I said, “Close...

I Can't Get Her Out Of My Head.

Sadly, normally I would have other things on my mind, there is SO much in the news, it is usually all bad news. One of the bad news happened last...


No one saw that coming, when you go to the Christmas lights, the switching on of the lights in Liverpool. Ava White age just twelve was stabbed to...

Christmas Is Cancelled Part Two.

On the twelfth of November 2017 I wrote on ABC Tales, “Christ mas Is Cancelled,” This is part two. A lot has happened in those short four years,...

It Was Nice To See Things From The Other Side.

Many years ago, at the job that I still work at now, there was a few of us in the same invisible group, it wasn’t known to all, but through...