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Lima (before or after the jungle)

I’m by the tap in my room in the heart of the jungle. The tap is a feeder on an upturned drum. 20 litres. It hangs precariously on a shelf over an...

Lima (before or after the jungle)

Last night in Asakusa by Senso-Ji. Before the jungle. A walk after dinner in the usual Chinese. Neon afterglow against the blackness. Imperceptible...

Lima (before or after the jungle)

I think of the people and what they’ll become. The voyagers, the pasajeros. The ayahuasceros. The words beguile and diffuse. Otherworldly mystique...

Lima (before or after the jungle)

I’m in Varanasi, India, Tel Aviv, Oregon. I’m in Thailand. Always in Thailand. By a wat in the grounds with the dogs and the stragglers who mooch and...

Lima (before or after the jungle)

Before the jungle, northern Thailand, not far from the Burmese border. Mae Sai. On this 150cc Karsten lends me. Carried on too far down a path, ever...


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Perusing? Surveying perhaps?

Posted on Thu, 31 Mar 2016

Perusing? Surveying perhaps? I'm not sure but that verb is important especially because the rest of the line is  so accurate  


very nicely evoked

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I like this alot. Lots of

Posted on Tue, 31 May 2011

I like this alot. Lots of very good writing here, though sometimes a bit overblown in places.Read full comment

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