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The town and the city

When you go from the small town to the city, from the town where no one particularly bothers or cares one way or the other, where the people just do...

Funny how it always seems to work out fine

We flooded out the field in Okayama and stood looking on with the kids and the dog. We were happy, because we didn't know we could have other lives...

The Knife Incident

[THIS IS AN EXCERPT FROM A LONGER PIECE] I had to stay in a psychiatric unit from the age of 17 to 19 but I don’t remember the incident that clearly...

The dream had been real

The dream had been real or what had been real had been a dream. It was all the same. In this dream he had been fully himself without diffusion. It...

The Wurtstoffer Defence

“Mr Krappachnik. You’ve heard the prosecution’s case against you. You stand accused of the murder of Miss Brigitta Saveloy who you followed home and...