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Being Conal

No one knows. Not my wife, not my son, no one at work. It’s like I’m making connections. Spreading feelers out into the unknown. With all these...

In the flash of an open smile

So you know that feeling when you’re in a strange bed in a strange hotel in an inconsequential little town in southern Germany after having spent the...

Akavelki in the Eschaton

In the year 2013 of the era of the Eschaton, Akavelki remains a fringe pursuit operating under its old name of ‘backgammon’. A is a regular attendee...

Rubin's Response VI

“I just wanted to know what you’re doing here,” was what he said after all the posturing and smart verbal ripostes had run their course. How had they...

Rubin's Response V

“Heeey, over here.”