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I have 507 stories published in 21 collections on the site.
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Ali, Frazier, Chuvalo and Evelyn

Since we're on the topic of idols, this is a combination of three snippets that I wrote about my idol, Muhammad Ali. Yes, once again, you've seen the trailers but this is more of the movie and a glimpse at my upcoming book.

At the All Star Game

That's Hank in the middle with Mr. Crown right and Johnny to the left.
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Ball Bearing....

This is my 500th submission so it has to be a big one. You've seen some of the trailers but this is the movie. I hope you stop by for a read. It's been tremendous fun so far and in some ways....this is the beginning

Darkness Counts as Weather

In Rochester, New York on the banks of the big sea water, we have learned that Darkness counts as weather. We have been battered by windstorms,...
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Major Gift From God

You've sweated bullets in Panama. You've batted with a tree branch and thrown a ball made out of fishnet. You're the son of a fishing boat captain...