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I have 1147 stories published in 27 collections on the site.
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Teddy Bear Picnic

I was born in 1946 before the popularization of teevee. We were the first family on our block to have a television. Up until that time, I was all...


Yup, Celtic, 1928 was the watershed moment for silent films. although I'm not sure what a watershed is. At first, I thought it was a flush toilet...

The Sound of Approaching Elephants

Before leaving the subject of elephants inside or outside the room.... I suggested that Avatar be in a category of its own. Back in 1929, the Academy...

Two Elephants not in the Room

Speaking of elephants in the room or in this case not in the room brings me to last night's academy awards. The whole show was shaded by the absence...

A Fan of Pal

I've always been a fan of George Pal, especially his direction of War of the Worlds and When World's Collide. Last night I caught a film that he...