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I have 1202 stories published in 28 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 609525 times and 297 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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The longest journey is from life to death and then back to life again. Besides Jesus himself, only one traveler has made this pilgrimage to and from...

Gregor's Journey

So after surviving the the Joad like journey from Oklahoma to Hollywood, Gregor along with 200 others arrived on set. When Gregor arrived on set, he...

Guilt and Dispproval

WARNING: The cautionary essay that you are about to read contains a series of grisly murders. In order to preserve good taste and encourage...

Great Moments in Giant Grasshopper Cinema

When it comes to legends of grasshopper cinema, the undisputed master is/was Gregor who appeared in the giant grasshopper epic Beginning of the End,...

Passing on the Wisdom of Professor Corey

Many years ago when my son was about to enter the University of Rochester and before we became estranged, I took him to see a screening of Plan Nine...