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I have 507 stories published in 21 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 135666 times and 90 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Ava Tortures Laura with a Gigantic Teddy Bear

The Christmas party contines. Mr. Baseball still has my junk. The elephants stampede.

Cookin' Out....Eatin' In

Here's a little thing from our newest album Cookin' Out...Eatin' In. We call it Southern Fried Chicken. We're gonna be releasin' it as a single with...

Five Minutes and Fifty Years Ago on Women

what men wanted in women fifty years ago. I was a man back then. Men liked long, straight hair, exposed legs, stockings, mini-skirts and boots...

The Night My Mother Didn't Die

I hoped tonight would be the night. I was there in the chair next to her bed. I was listening to her breathe her morphine breaths, praying that I...

Hurt so Good (Underground)

We have safe words to make sure that the pain doesn't overwhelm the pleasure. We would much rather feel something than nothing as life continues to...