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I have 907 stories published in 24 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 360594 times and 207 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Hooray for Mrs Leary

I'm an ex-teacher so I'm kind of an attention freak. I encouraged attention in my classes. I didn't demand it but was sensitive to it. I encouraged...

Beginning to Fill Fuller

It'a officially under way. Today I started the work on my next book which I am calling Fill Fuller. I'm choosing my favorite ABC posts and trying to...

Soap Opera Comeback

Since the day my father took me to ringside seats to watch a professional wrestling match, I've always loved wrestling. It brings back wonderful...

New Health Kick

I'm on a new health kick. I'm gonna kick back on my reading. I read while reclining on my couch, holding my head up with my right hand. I keep my...

A Secret Barricuda

I've grown used to blood, scales and X rays giving away my secrets but was surprised this time when it was my pulse. Last week I fainted. We had been...