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I have 557 stories published in 22 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 153810 times and 103 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Faction is the New Fiction

As our president demonstrates each and every day, alternate truths are just a click away. Trump has already presented more than a thousand versions...

Joe Baron

It was the first professional wrestling card at the brand new War Memorial. My father had two ringside seats. In hindsight, he might have got them...

Operation Eagle Claw Alternative

When I think of all that could have gone wrong, I'm even more proud of my small role in Operation Eagle Claw. We came in with eight Sea Stallions and...

Supernatural Ends

Should we fear the supernatural? Oh yeah. We are the supernatural. We are the only conscious existences on earth. God damn it And he/she did…. as we...

More Carnivore

I remember my first Thanksgiving in a previous wifetime. We had been married a month and a half. We had built a chicken coop together. We had horses...