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I have 907 stories published in 24 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 360599 times and 207 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Fishing in the Genesee 2

The River flows It flows to the Lake Wherever that River Flows It's not for Heaven's sake. Yup. The Genesee River flows upward into a lake but it's...

Fishing in the Genesee Part One

We in Rochester live near the northern end of the Genesee River which starts in Pennsylvania and flows NORTHWARD until it reaches Lake Ontario at the...

Del Rio Creatures

At the border between Texas and Mexico in a town called Del Rio (from the river in Spanish), profound oppositonal forces are gathering. 30,000...

Who Wrote The Book Of Love?

We wander and wonder through life trying to figure out who wrote the book of love. Many people are far more certain about who wrote the book of life...

Good Vibrations

Having survived prostate cancer, I know a thing or two about the process, at least MY process. Everbody has a different journey. I am full of...