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I have 1102 stories published in 27 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 548531 times and 273 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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A New Plan

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled writing for some breaking news on the current gastroentological dilemma. Having grown concerned with the...

Vigil 3

Deke wonders if Paladin is accusing them of foul play. Reamer takes clear offense. Paldan insists that it is no private interest to him whether or...

Jasper's Vigil 2

After riding non stop through rugged mountains, the hungover Paladin picks a place to camp. Adelle asks Paladin if he's "too tired to continue."...

To Hire Jasper or Paladin

If I were to engage either Casper or Jasper, I would want to test them first. It's pretty clear that Ice has a great appreciation for Richard Boone...

Calling Casper and Crown

Forget about Jasper, I'm going with Casper the friendly ghost writer. I don't need Jasper imitating me when I can do a damn fine job of imitating...