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I have 8 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Dear ____, - 2

Dear ____ , Welcome back. Maybe one day i will decide who these letters are to, maybe i will send them one day. Maybe these have turned up on your...

Dear ____,

Dear ____ , I don't quite know why I am doing this, but i guess spontaneous ideas are a hobby of mine. I think 'spontaneous' is the best way to...

pens and paper- chapter 5

Weakness.Its a funny thing, how we are defined by what makes us strong or weak. Or rather, what society interprets as weak. It was weird, seeing the...

pens and paper-chapter 4

Only one more hour. One more. You can do it. I stared at the minute hand contently, content soon turning to fustration. M ove faster... please. i...

pens and paper-chapter 3

Charlie burst through the bathroom door. He paused, big brown eyes widening slightly at the sight before him. I gave him a small smile, some form of...