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I scratched my name into the school desk, with nails on teenage fists of endeavour. I laughed at how facile geography O level came to me, how I shat...

Hound of Love

I ended up getting a dog. A tall hound with manes of fur up each leg that wave like long flags in the wind. I take him to the sea and he looks up at...


Where will I find you tomorrow? Will it be prone on a windswept sofa, knees tucked high under a hardened chin? Could it be that you'll be stuck to a...
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If Only I Could Pray

A child unseen, only weeks from the womb, spews up a cluck of air from deep inside a still scarless throat. This sound, so guileless, momentarily...

When I Left My Girlfriend

When I left my girlfriend, the church bells did not ring, people did not lean from third floor windows and stare as I weaved between bollards, parked...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Thanks. I'd like a black dog

Posted on Mon, 13 Mar 2017

Thanks. I'd like a black dog but you know, like, a regular labrador or something!

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