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Ashton Macaulay

My name is Ashton, I am the author of the Nick Ventner Adventures, currently available anywhere books are sold, but if you need some links:

I take most of my inspiration from a lifelong anxiety disorder that has constantly tried to convince me the world revolves around my death. Writing about death-defying situations with a humorous bend has helped me cope and produced what I feel are some interesting stories. In an age filled with plenty of non-fiction to keep us grounded, I’m trying to create literature that transports readers away to the big adventure novels of old and pokes fun at just about everything that goes bump in the night.

I live in Seattle with a true menagerie of two cats and a dog. They are featured frequently in everything I do, be it typos in my work, or strange photoshops to use as my website header. Thanks for reading!

My stories

Death Co: 12 (If the Price is Right

12. If the Price is Right As I have said previously, there are precious few ways in which death can be cheated. However, when carved on to a giant,...

Death Co: 11 (No Prada)

11. No Prada “Would you like a drink?” “What?” My vision was blurry and the room around me spun wildly like a carousel. “You’ve ventured all the way...

Death Co: 10 (The Devil's Advocate)

10. The Devil’s Advocate At the end of the austere hallway was a desk. Not an ornate, wood-carved, demonic symbol-ridden, functional piece of...

Death Co: 9 Highway to Hell

9. Highway to Hell Getting to hell was easy enough. Without even a second glance I boarded the train leaving the main offices and soon found myself...

Death Co. (Cheating Death)

8. Cheating Death Saving someone’s life can be as simple as knocking a peanut cookie out of their hand, protecting them from the deadly allergens...