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"As the morning dawned"

Woke up this morning looking at metal bars scabbed with rust giving way to wind's acid gust outside the window. Beyond clouds grazing on blue meadows...

"The New Scrolls"

21/06/13, 00:16am – What's before us. Awake!

“A Sweet Vulnerability”

19/12/10, 01:13am – Just thinking about her...

“The Prayer”

07/03/10, 9:57pm – my dedication. I just want to say hello as it has been a while since the last time I posted anything ;-)

“Winter Concerto”

12/01/10, 01:05am – my go at the IP challenge.


8 of my comments have received 8 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Tue, 08 Dec 2015

Oh yes, such a treat. This is what visual poetry should be about. Like a life captured in an image of words, literally.

absolutely beautiful.

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Posted on Sun, 22 Nov 2015

A mellow yet powerful read. Thoroughly enjoyed the structure, imagery and flow of the poem. Well deserved poem of the month. Brilliant work.

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Posted on Wed, 18 Nov 2015

I think you've pretty much just described what life should be about. I especially like the first two stanzas. It's true, I don't think there's anything beautiful in fakery either. I always think you look best exactly as you are ;-)


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Posted in Home sweet home

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Posted on Wed, 28 Oct 2015

The wealth of imagery and the use of language in this poem is mesmerising. Flowed comfortably, though touching upon a somewhat uncomfortable and disturbing subject for some... 


I'm happy I discovered this gem. Great work....

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Posted in Tattoo man

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Posted on Sat, 31 Oct 2015

i think this one's my favourite of the recent poems you've posted. A mysterious, dark aura to a poem that otherwise glows with beautiful imagery and stunning use of language. Reading this, I felt completely connected to every word and every line...

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Posted in "At the Going Down of the Sun"

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Posted on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

Enjoyed the brevity and simplicity of this poem. Added to its general beauty and appeal. Delicate yet powerful.



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The moon it rose – the hour

Posted on Sat, 14 Mar 2015

The moon it rose – the hour was late
for love, of time, no heed does take,
and demons danced upon the lake 
as they bade  farewell to Camelot.


Just beautiful. That was my favourita stanza. Usually I find short...

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Posted on Fri, 13 Mar 2015

"So much has changed since our fathers farmed 
this land...when the lapwing reigned, supreme...
where dozens and dozens of dead badgers 
desecrate the side of the road, to just one
squashed hedgehog...where the fox is more...

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Posted in A Blot on the Landscape