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I have 163 stories published in 9 collections on the site.
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“I came to LA to make rock and roll, but on the way I had to sell my soul” – Eagles of Death Metal


Front West of here, the mountains rise, blocking out the land that lies beyond them. I know the earth extends past them; but sometimes it’s hard to...

Gargoyles at Winchcombe

The gargoyles are roosting on Saint Peter’s Church. They’re malevolent buggers, hewn from fear and a kind of grim cheeriness. Their faces are old...

Season of the Flea

Imagine the hell of old age if suddenly, you’re forced to live in a home with other people that you have absolutely nothing in common with, other than your advanced years and decrepitude…
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Dinner time is always at twelve

Dinner is on the table and Louie and Cyril are sitting down to eat. Slices of beef, boiled potatoes, carrots and peas fill their plates. From the...