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I have 165 stories published in 9 collections on the site.
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The pier and the clip clop horse

When the pier burnt down, I was sitting on a bench, watching it and thinking about what to write. It wasn’t easy. I was all out of ideas. I’d got...

The things men do in the woods

This is a redraft of an older piece of writing, but as I'm moving from writing about the sea to writing about the woods, it seemed apt to re-look and include it. :)


Ys is a mythical city, built on the coast of Britanny, France and later swallowed by the ocean.

Saint Michael in Peril of the Sea

According to legend, the archangel, Michael, appeared in 708 to Saint Aubert and instructed him to build a church on the rocky islet that became Mont Saint-Michel, in Normandy, France. Saint Aubert repeatedly ignored the angel’s direction, until Michael burned a hole in Aubert’s skull with his finger.

No Man Is

I'd put this up before, but had taken it down to mess with and polish and here it is again! Hopefully better and certainly shinier. :)