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I have 161 stories published in 9 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 165596 times and 340 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Coast Road Rider

“The idea that we live life in a straight line, like a story, seems to me to be increasingly absurd” - Nick Cave.
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The Waist Band

One of my kids thought T.S. Eliot's poem was called The Waist Band. I'm sorry, Mr. Eliot, I'm sorry...

Hag Stone

Once upon a time “I had this dream, right, I don’t know, maybe a month ago? I was on this staircase, a spiral one. It was white, kind of a slippery...
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Spring. Clean.

For the fictional Mike Ehrmantraut.
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“Never use the word, ‘suddenly’. This rule doesn't require an explanation. I have noticed that writers who use ‘suddenly’ tend to exercise less control in the application of exclamation marks” – Number 6 in Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing.