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Josie and Sam

Josie and Sam The room was silent but for the soft whirring of the fan, the tick-ticking of the clock, and the tap-tapping of the receptionist's long...

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter The cool metal glistens welcomingly in the soft moonlight. Nestled gently in the nook of the elbow, it balances tentatively in a see...

Why I Like Mornings

My favourite time of day is the morning, when it is quiet and peaceful. When the sun shines gently through the marbled glass panes. On days like...

The Cupcake

The Cupcake Cupped in my hand is a single cupcake. The cream cheese icing is a perfect swirl. Five continuous loops - going round and round in...

The Boy in the Navy Suit

The Boy in the Navy Suit I am sitting in the back corner of the last train carriage - eyes closed, elbow on the ledge and head resting against the...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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lovely :) i like the fluidity

Posted on Tue, 08 Dec 2015

lovely :) i like the fluidity to it

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