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I have 49 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 17123 times and 21 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Paul Bell

My name is Paul Bell and being recently retired I have taken up creative writing in order to keep the little grey cells functioning as long as possible.

My stories

The Decline and Fall of Silas Bream

A cobalt blue sky appeared as they emerged through the cloud layer into limitless crystal clear visibility. Silas had booked a window seat and sat...

The Inheritance

'You're not wearing that old jacket George, so get back up those stairs and put your best suit on; and while you're at it, change that tie as well...

The Black Castle

I still remember how cold it was that day when mum and I went to Armley to visit dad. I was seven and we went on the bus and the heaters weren't...


The winter of 1827 in Vienna was savage and relentless and life in his tiny apartment had become almost unbearable. On occasions, even the ink froze...

The Note Book (Part 4)

Robert Malcolm Smith always called in at the Bridge Tavern for a quick one on his way home from work and today the quick one was waiting for him at...