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I have 55 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 25206 times and 25 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Paul Bell

My name is Paul Bell and being recently retired I have taken up creative writing in order to keep the little grey cells functioning as long as possible.

My stories

The Magic Carpet

Digby swung the van into one of Bethnal Green's less salubrious back streets and slowed to a crawl as he scanned each building. 'It's got to be on...

The 17.05 from King's Cross

I hate it when you're kept back behind the barrier and not allowed to board, even when the train is sitting there waiting for you. I stand there with...


George The only way George would ever want to do as he was told was when it suited him, and only then when the wind was set fair. As a boy he had...

The Toshers

The Toshers As usual, Alec was the first down. He was young and keen and much fitter and more agile than the other three. He unclipped himself from...

Holy Synonyms!

Vic picked up a copy of the 'News of the world' from the rack and dropped it onto the counter, staring blearily through bloodshot eyes at the...