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I have 55 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 25206 times and 25 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Paul Bell

My name is Paul Bell and being recently retired I have taken up creative writing in order to keep the little grey cells functioning as long as possible.

My stories

Earning A Crust

'As a scientist, Throckmorton knew that if he were ever to break wind in the echo chamber, he would never hear the end of it.' 'That's not bad at all...

On Hexthorpe Bridge

Soot flecked and Tizered, we stood waiting on Hexthorpe Bridge. Scuffed shoes, scabbed knees and ready. Word was out that the black snout and garter...

The Pension Plan

He awoke, crossed the floor and looked through the window. They were still there. They had been there all night watching and waiting from the blue...

Unlike Poles Attract

Unlike Poles Attract Laura entered the lunchtime staff room like a breath of fresh air, attracting the usual suppressed glances of admiration from...

As I Walked Out One Evening

At the age of fourteen, Walter Jennings became a disciple of the great god Time. He began a six-year apprenticeship as a watch and clock maker and...