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Dog Watch Poems

Two poems, both with a maritime theme but each with a totally different subject.

Giraffe Poem

A long lanky poem, not about love...


Outward bound Adjective: (of a ship or passenger) sailing away from home or port. "They were outward bound for Africa."

The Fool, the Bomber, the Nurse, and the Lifeboat

I don't profess to understand the world. Far from it. Most of the time it makes no sense to me at all.
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This is something that affects me, particularly the sound of people eating - though there are other sounds. It's not the volume, it's the sound itself and the almost inability to control the irrational anger it gives rise to. Until a few years ago I used to think everyone felt the same. I don't know whether that makes it any easier to put up with. At least giving it a name helps I suppose.