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I Miss Your Smile

It’s been forty years. Same man, I think; couple of stone, slight stoop, less hair, quieter, funny eye, gammy leg. Not much wiser. I remember that...

A Bit Part in a B-Movie

I wanted to be the hard, handsome hero earning ten million dollars with sculpted sinew and rampaging manhood that invaded the badlands, swamps and...

Don't Call On Me

Cold winds blow through city streets as winter’s grip takes hold and grey souls in downbeat worlds retreat to lies untold. Rain-lashed pavements now...

After 65 Decembers

One day in August, he smiled at the memories of 65 Decembers and promptly stopped shaving. The ruddy complexion, jovial disposition and expanded...

Her Red Shopping Bag

She was adamant: if they wouldn’t let her hold her red shopping bag, she was not having her photograph taken. The bag held her treasure: her well-...


12 of my comments have received 12 Great Feedback votes

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Enthralling! You had me from

Posted on Wed, 15 Sep 2004

Enthralling! You had me from start to finish. In an ideal world, a day that starts with marmalade should end with chateau le touron monbazillac.

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Posted in After the marmalade

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If we didn't have winter, how

Posted on Thu, 04 Jan 2018

If we didn't have winter, how could we appreciate spring? Good poem.

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Posted in January