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Sneaking inside

Last night I finally managed it. I snuck inside a potato and got sucked down without hitch. You have to understand how much I built up to this. How...

A thorough and comprehensive and exhaustive review of some of the most prominent social media platforms of the era

Facebook: Hi there. Would you mind stopping what you’re doing a second and spend a brief moment looking at me? Here I am; you can’t miss me. That is...
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A Day in the Life

Today I went and sat in the lounge. I fell asleep on top of the two cushions. There was quite a lot of hair on them by that time. When I woke up it was sunny and the sun was partly in my eyes.

A sincere thank-you to Magnus Carlsen and an acknowledgment of his contribution to the industry

Before Magnus Carlsen’s meteoric explosion onto the chess scene, he featured in countless adult movies now since removed from the platforms. Carlsen’...

Somewhere on WhatsApp (web for desktops) or perhaps even a real-life conversation

M: You’ve got to get yourself on Twitter F: I am on Twitter M: I mean properly, like actually promoting yourself on it. Like having more than...