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So you can’t stand yourself and you’re pretty much fucked. Everyone knows it. You’re not having fun. You’re unhappy. You’re waiting, holding your...

The Zookeeper

All the animals look up to me because I am the zookeeper. I refuse to have it any other way. There’s a pecking order here. If you lose the battle,...

Return from a hunt

We had just come back from a hunt. The women were cutting the flesh into bowls to give out to the village. The meat would last for a week. We had...

My people

My people deserve better. We have drawn the short straw. We have been shunted from pillar to post. I can think of no other nation in history to have...

My box

My box is something nice and comfortable with extra padding if I sit down too quickly or trip up on things in my path. If I fall I’ll always have...