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Five days in Morocco

I love my cousin and I love him so much, which is why that when he lets me down I want to kill him. I love him so much and he is so similar to me,...
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The Flames, The Flames

Well here’s a true story, down to the letter. I own this flat right, it’s really posh and I’ve owned it for almost twenty years. And then I got to...

From Jester To King (Opening - EDITED)

I've started the process of submitting this story/novel to agents. Then I realised I need to re-read and edit. I started with this section from a comedy club. I thought I could open with it if it is zingy enough. I've pared it down, tightened it up. Any feedback really welcome.

From Jester To King (Finale)

The most realest of dreams.

From Jester To King CXIII

Jamie Spence's parties.